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Students who participate in my research group work on projects that are part of the Distributed Storage Systems project. During the fall and spring semesters, we have weekly research group meetings where we discuss our progress and learn about topics related to the project. In the summer, I have opportunities for students to work full-time on collaborative research projects.

If you are a Skidmore student who is interested in joining my research group, please visit me during office hours or send me an email.

Recent Publications

Reilly, Christine F. Experience with active learning and formative feedback for a SQL unit. Frontiers in Education Conference. San Jose, California, USA. October 2018. In press. PDF | Download Materials

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Current Project: Distributed Storage Systems

This project explores how online social network data can be stored and queried using a variety of storage systems. Currently, there is a lack of public knowledge about how to store and this type of data. The online social networks that we use rely on the proprietary systems that were developed by the corporations who operate the social network platforms. There are many open questions about the impact of online social networks on society, but it is difficult to study these questions or to develop solutions when the storage systems are proprietary information. Through this project, we will explore methods for using existing distributed storage systems to store and query social network data. This project will create knowledge that can be utilized by researchers who study social networks and by organizations who are developing new social network platforms.